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Read With Us

Please join our congregation as we read through the Bible in a year.  The plan we use is the English Standard Version (ESV) Chronological Bible Reading Plan.  You can find it online at the two websites listed below.


With this site, you simply search for the date and click on the scripture link next to it.  It will take you to the reading.  You have the option to bookmark the page to get to it easier the next time.

Bible Gateway

At Bible Gateway, you can save your progress by creating a log-in.  This is helpful as it will always open with the last passage you read.

Also available is a printable copy of the Bible Read Plan.  This copy can be printed and folded and slipped into your bible.

Bible Reading Plans

Here at Fellowship Baptist, we read through the Bible each year as a congregation. We offer several different Bible reading plans including plans for children.